Welcome to East Eighteenth. Our location is a creative space of collaboration where we combine 2 of life’s greatest necessities... Beauty and caffeine.
As a stylist in the Mesa Newport area over the last 15 + years I’ve created a clientele of power women who are on the go. Realizing how often I was sending my assistant out on coffee runs, or working a late client in because the Starbucks line was too long....it only made sense to combine the two.


My Partners and I have created a movement in the heart of Costa Mesa and together we have combined designer hair with designer coffee. 
We proudly host Costa Mesa’s newest coffee shop @CoffeeDoseCM
serving up #badhabitsgoodhair. Our menu consists of collagen filled lattes, Balayages, Highlights, Raw balls and so much more. 


In addition I have hand picked some of the most sought after stylists in the business. East Eighteenth is an unparalleled experience that you will have to try for yourself!